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Why using reusable toilet paper: 3 compelling reasons

Why using reusable toilet paper: 3 compelling reasons


Imagine saying goodbye to traditional toilet paper for good. Not easy, huh? It's such an ingrained habit. How can we conceive of using anything other than toilet paper when that's all we've ever known!?

Reusable toilet paper is Boaty's best seller. That means there's excitement for this alternative and many people have made the switch.

The concept might seem unsettling or even gross at first glance, but you'll see, by the end of this article, it'll become a great option and not only for environmental reasons.


First, rest assured, unless you're comfortable doing so (like if you've ever washed cloth diapers), you're not putting fabric full of feces in your washer. Most of the time, reusable toilet paper is used to dry off after using a bidet. If you don't have a bidet, it's generally used for pee only.

Its use doesn't differ much from conventional toilet paper: you take a sheet, wipe, and instead of flushing it, you put it in a waterproof bag or a small bin. This way, you smoothly transition to this new comfortable alternative.


People who now use reusable toilet paper (well, Boaty's) will tell you: they wouldn't go back! When you make the change, you realize it's not only easy to use but much more comfortable than paper. Most have only one regret: that they didn't made the switch sooner!

1. Softness

A key feature of reusable toilet paper is its softness. Ideal for sensitive skin, every bathroom trip becomes a pleasant, cozy experience without irritation. Toilet paper brands fight to convey that they're softer than others, but on a softness scale, clearly, paper will never be as soft as well-chosen fabrics.

2. Absorption

To ensure effective absorption, it's all about fabric choice! The fabric used for Boaty's reusable toilet papers is thick and offers the same level of absorption as 20 squares of traditional toilet paper. It absorbs moisture, leaving us feeling perfectly dry after each use without needing to fashion a paper mitten to protect our fingers.

3. Durability

Reusable toilet paper enthusiasts especially love its durability. Unlike traditional paper that tears and disintegrates easily (leaving residue), reusable toilet paper is designed to withstand robust wiping.


In an era where waste reduction is at the forefront of our concerns, reusable toilet paper is starting to make its mark among environmentally conscious people.

1. Preserving Our Forests

Our forests are incredibly important. Trees have the ability to capture CO2 from the atmosphere. Having plenty of forests allows us to breathe healthier, fresher air.

However, to obtain (supposedly) soft products, the traditional toilet paper industry uses wood pulp from mature trees in the boreal forest. Millions of acres of the boreal forest are cut down every year to wipe our buttocks!

"Trees can be replanted. Forests are renewable."

That's true, but the issue is that logging destroys ecosystems, valuable habitats, and releases a lot of CO2 into nature (equivalent to the emissions of 5.5 million cars every year).

By choosing reusable toilet paper, you directly contribute to forest conservation. By preserving trees, you protect biodiversity and support ecosystems essential to our planet's health.

2. Using Less Water

The production of a disposable toilet paper roll takes an average of 150 liters of water. LITERS. A bidet spray to clean up barely uses 100 ml (0.1 L). As for the water used to wash the toilet paper, we're already doing laundry, so we throw them in a load of underwear or towels/rags and that's it! So, by switching to reusable toilet paper, we save a lot of water.

3. Reducing Waste and Our Footprint

The production of toilet paper requires significant amounts of water, but also energy. From cutting trees to the manufacturing process. When flushed, it's not over: the paper may not have had time to decompose and accumulates in the treatment plant, creating huge sludges that are sometimes incinerated. The paper also leaves chemical compounds like PFAS in the water.

Opting for a reusable option represents a concrete step towards environmental preservation; it's an eco-responsible choice that minimizes our footprint, supports the conservation of natural resources, and sustains our planet's long-term health.


Disposable toilet paper rolls have a very short lifespan.

How long does a roll last in your household? One week? Two weeks? Two days??

We don't always realize it, but we go through a lot of toilet paper! Especially when rolls are used excessively (damn cats). We constantly have to buy more, and we're not immune to price increases over time (production costs, inflation, etc.).

Pierre-Yves McSween (a Quebecois accountant, author and tv-radio host) calculated that a family spends an average of $300 on toilet paper per year. If we consider getting a bidet for ~$100 and say 36 rolls of reusable toilet paper for ~$60. We're already saving a lot in less than a year! At that price, we can even consider getting a complete kit for our rolls.

In short, yes, reusable toilet paper requires a slightly higher initial investment upfront, but it's an investment that pays off very quickly and protects us for life from toilet paper price fluctuations!


Certainly, integrating a bidet into the mix significantly enhances our experience with reusable toilet paper! It introduces an undeniable sense of hygiene, cleanliness, and freshness! Then, opting for fabric to absorb water emerges as an indispensable decision. Imagine stepping out of the shower and using paper toilet paper to dry off... Yep, fabric is the logical and practical choice!

In addition to contributing to the planet's health and our financial health, we can say that reusable also has a favorable impact on our health. We're not familiar with all the chemical agents contained in disposable toilet paper that come into contact with our intimate areas.

In conclusion, reusable toilet paper is not just a product, it's a lifestyle that combines comfort, ecology, and economy. It's a sustainable choice, where we invest in our well-being, contribute to our planet's preservation, and save money in the long term (even in the short term).

Adopt Boaty's reusable toilet paper and a bidet (!) and transform your daily routine into a more enjoyable experience. Make the change today to avoid regretting not having done it sooner!

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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