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12 rolls of white reusable toilet paper

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This set of 12 reusable toilet paper rolls offers a comfortable and zero-waste solution that seamlessly integrates into your daily routine. Ideal for wiping off water after using a bidet or using in hybrid mode for pees only.

The rolls start flat (in sheets) and naturally roll up in the dryer after the first wash. 

Choose the white rolls if you need to see if anything is wrong with your body fluids or if you want them to be similar to toilet paper.

Easily adapt them to your needs, and rest assured that they contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Our white rolls can be naturally died to create a convenient color code at home. If you need two colors, simply choose white and black rolls.

Explore our complete sets (The Boaty Kit) for a hygienic storage solution, keeping the rolls easily accessible near your toilet.

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Our rolls can be used for pee or for drying off after using a bidet. If you don't have a bidet and you're comfortable, you can also use them for #2.


Our thick cotton reusable toilet paper is so pleasant to use that one wonders why they wiped for so long with regular paper.


100% cotton. OEKO-TEK-100 certified.

Size: 9″ x 4.5″ (23 x 11 cm) when flat (unrolled); equivalent to two squares of toilet paper.

They are simply cut, without overlocking (no seam around).


Our rolls are washer and dryer safe.

Our rolls may shrink slightly over time. They're not supposed to fray*. If you ever see any threads, cut them and continue using them as usual. If you notice your rolls fraying abnormally, please contact us.

*Top-loading HE washers without an agitator are more prone to fraying.

If the rolls are very dirty, you can first run a quick cycle with hot water. (This step is optional, but it softens many psychological barriers. You can even add rags, socks, and underwear to this step).

Wash the rolls with other items like clothes, washcloths, towels... preferably in cold water (for the environment).

Do not overload your washer. The rolls need space to unfold so that water and soap can penetrate the fabric.

🩸 CAUTION! Blood can stain white fabrics. Rinse with cold water before washing with hot water.

🚫 Avoid using bleach, as chlorine can weaken natural fibers and damage or yellow fabrics over time.

🚫 Avoid using liquid fabric softener, as it may waterproof the fibers and make your rolls less absorbent over time.

Dry the rolls in the dryer so they roll themselves up or hang to dry and roll by hand.

🚫 Avoid using fabric softener sheets, as they can waterproof the fibers of the rolls and make them less absorbent over time.

Customer Reviews

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Ariane LL
Attention! On ne peut plus s'en passer!

Le principal défaut du produit est l'accoutumance! Mes enfants ne veulent plus faire caca ailleurs qu'à la maison, maintenant! (on adore, sérieux, c'est un inconvénient qu'on accepte de gérer...) Perso je préfère les petites débarbouillettes, comme toute la famille s'y met, c'est vraiment trop pratique le truc d'auto-enroulement au séchage, vraiment rapide à gérer avec la lessive, ça rajoute vraiment juste 20 secondes par semaine, ramasser les petits rouleaux dans la brassée de serviettes.

Francine Grenier
Beau produit

2ième commande, j’ai acheté les rouleaux pour la toilette il y a plus d’1 an et ils sont encore beaux. Cette fois j’en ai recommandé pour en avoir plus. Se lave bien et sont durables, très satisfaite😌

céline Desbiens
Satisfaction produits

J'adore vos produits (Mouchoirs, papier de toilette et bidet). Je suis 100% satisfaite!


Tellement doux! 🤗 En plus, ils se roulent seuls au séchage (je n'y croyais pas hihi!)

Isabelle Poulin
On ajoute!

J’utilisais déjà mais avec une meilleure quantité: je suis bonne pour un bout… et peut-être que d’autres membres de la famille oseront essayer!