Reusable toilet paper and hankies made easy and comfy

Looking for a sustainable lifestyle without the hassle? Make the switch from tearable paper to ultra-soft and well-thoughout reusable options.

Reusable toilet paper rolls

The Boaty Kit is the best complement to the bidet

The world’s first reusable toilet paper system

LUXE Bidets

The best way to stay clean when you've had enough of the wet wipes waste and chemicals.


Ultra-soft and cozy reusable tissues

The Boaty Hankit

The complete setup for your hankies : including 12 or 24 reusable tissues, a fabric box to store them and a basket to dispose of them hygenically.

The all-in-one pouch

Have your reusable tissues with you wherever you go. Our travel pouch has two sides : store your clean tissues on top and place the used one in the waterproof side. Snap and go!

Why our tissues and kits are the best?

"The handkerchiefs are SUPER soft. The quality, packaging, and care into the product is amazing. Definitely recommend."

"Very very soft and absorbent enough without being bulky. They're just the right size. Haven't had any issues with washing, I just put them in with the regular laundry."

"They are very soft and have worn well through a few washes. The tissue box and waste bin are well-made and very cute."

"We are so impressed with the quality of the tissues and their boxes. The tissues are so soft, and they are much more absorbent than disposable."

About Boaty

Marie founded Bateau bateau in Quebec in 2017. After 5 years and half a million tissues sold, Boaty was born to bring softness to everyone in Canada and the US.

We're all in the same boat

  • We all feel like we must do something for the planet; for our future.

  • But it's not that easy...

  • Boaty’s mission is to raise awareness about the importance of taking action and help you feel proud about your environmental choices.