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Ready not ready, bidet

Ready not ready, bidet

Are you ready for the bidet?

It's a bit surprising to think that we're "ready" for it, considering that in Muslim countries and in the Indian subcontinent (to name a few), over 90% of the population uses water to clean themselves after going to the toilet. It's part of their culture.

So, we might seem a bit unclean to many by just wiping without cleaning.

Upon reflection, it's a bit unclean, isn't it? Imagine having feces on your fingers and just using a paper to wipe without washing or at least rinsing your hands. We all agree that our hands would smell like feces, right? Well, it's the same thing between our buttocks...


Here are the 5 reasons we heard the most:

5 - “I’m not interested in renovating my bathroom.”

That's because people don't know about the bidet attachment. The one that goes under your toilet seat and installs in 10 minutes (for real... I'm not good at installing stuff and I succeeded in no time!). In short, this argument no longer holds with this new type of bidet.

4 – “It’s expensive.”

The bidets sold on our website are less than $100. You can even get a portable for $20. Even for those at $80, it's a small (and excellent) investment.

3 - “It's going to make a mess because of the children."

The water coming out of a bidet nozzle is a great spray and it goes FAR! Like several meters. If your child opens the bidet without being on the toilet, there's definitely water everywhere.

There are four ways to prevent these inconveniences if you have children:

  • Show them how it works and encourage them to use it.
    By explaining it well and letting them experience the bidet sensation, either they will use it properly, or they will never want to touch it again (until they are old enough to understand its usefulness).
  • Always set the button to the "Nozzle Cleaning" function.
    On models like LUXE NEO, you choose the function to determine where the water will go: front, rear, or washing the nozzles. By selecting the last function, if the bidet button/lever is accidentally or intentionally opened by the child, the water will only shoot downward to clean the nozzles. (Just be attentive to ensure the child doesn't turn on the water without you knowing; it could flow for a while. But at least, it's flowing in the toilet.)
  • Purchase a handheld or portable bidet.
    The handheld bidet is a little less accessible for a child than the bidet attachment, so it's less prone to accidents. Same goes for a portable bidet. Also, a portable bidet might be easier to use for a child and has a softer water stream.
  • Accidentally opening the jet in their face
    Just kidding, don't do that. I'll have to add another reason like "I'm traumatized by bidets"?

2 - “The water is way too cold on this."

When some people read “cold water bidet,” I don’t know why, but they think cold = FREEZING. A bit like a drop of cold water on the neck, under the armpits or an icy hand on the lower back. In short, they think the bidet will cause them a thermal shock and that it is extremely unpleasant because it's so cold. Well that’s not true.

First, our anus doesn't have the same sensitivity as those other parts of the body.

Second, unless you're directly connected to an outdoor well in winter, the water isn't icy when it comes out of the bidet. In fact, in the first few seconds, the water is at the temperature of the pipes, so it's warm. If you wait for a very long time, the water will start to cool depending on where it comes from, so it's a gradual cooling that can gently chill our parts, but I would say it feels more soothing than unpleasant. In short, lukewarm or slightly cold water is manageable!

If you want to avoid the cold altogether, you can buy a longer hose to keep it warm for a longer period or consider getting a bidet with warm water.

1 - “My boyfriend/my wife is not interested in that"

I hear a lot, a lot of comments like: I need to talk to my boyfriend / my wife about it, they aren't ready for that, they will "never use this in their life". And I don't know why; It always comes from either younger girls or older man.

I have also read stories and heard about events where they installed the bidet anyway (for their own use) and some time later, their boyfriends/wife proudly told them (after using it in secret): “ I used it today” or “I finally like it”.


 A bidet, when it's within reach of your bottoms, you have no choice but to give it a chance! Afterward, let me tell you, it's pure bliss; you get used to it, and at some point, it feels weird to wipe "dry" (much like Eastern populations probably find it weird that we wipe "dry").

So the trick is to have it within reach, ready to be used by anyone, even the skeptics.

By the way, it's the best technique to convince anyone to use any reusable product. Just have them there, and when, one day, there's no more paper or the paper is too far, the reusable will be the only immediate solution, and that's when the lightbulb moment happens.

It might sound abrupt, but when you have significantly more comfortable and practical products at your disposal, you won't be disappointed!

Welcome to the #bidetteam!

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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