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Portable bidet model, travel bidet with retractable nozzle and lockable head to ensure it is sealed when closed. Comes with a lid and includes a transport bag with drawstrings.

A bidet that requires no installation

If installing a bidet to your toilet is not possible (or desired), the portable bidet is the perfect solution to have a hygienic option without tampering with your plumbing. Ideal for trailers, boats, dry toilets, nursing homes, or rentals.

Try a bidet at a lower cost

With its jet similar and equally effective as a bidet attachment, this portable bidet allows you to become familiar with bidet use at a fraction of the price! If you decide to install a bidet later on, the portable bidet remains useful for outings and vacations.

Stay clean wherever you go

Once we have a bidet installed to our toilet, we miss it when we're away from home, right? The portable bidet provides access to that clean feeling wherever you go: at work, while traveling, at friends'/family's homes, camping, at the cottage, or during outdoor hikes.

A gentle stream for children

Since the jet's strength depends on the pressure applied to the bottle, children may prefer it to a bidet attachment because they have more control over the water pressure.

Perfect temperature

The bottle can be filled with water at the desired temperature. Lukewarm for rinsing intimate areas, cooler to soothe hemorrhoids.

Discreet bidet

With its elegant look and simple, compact design, you can carry this attractive portable bidet without hesitation.

For hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns of bidets. If you encounter any issues or manufacturing defects with your new bidet, please contact us.

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Having a portable bidet is the easiest and most economical way to experience the cleanliness sensation of a bidet, wherever you go! If you're not yet convinced of the bidet's effectiveness, it serves as a trial. Plus, if you ever get a bidet attachment, it's not wasted; it'll come in handy as a travel bidet!


You fill the bottle of the portable bidet with water at the temperature of your choice: cold, lukewarm, or warm. This way, your portable bidet spray will always be at the temperature you prefer.


The portable bidet is filled with water before use. The water temperature is up to you.

The nozzle, similar to the nozzle of a real toilet bidet, is quite effective for a thorough rinse. The portable bidet can be carried in a small bag (included) and is ideal for travel, camping, cottages, or hiking. You can also take it to work or leave it in a less frequented bathroom at home.


For hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns of portable bidets. If you notice a manufacturing defect with your new bidet, please contact us.

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Le bidet portatif, quelle invention !

Je suis enchantée de mon expérience avec le bidet portatif. Facile d’utilisation cela permet de se familiariser avec la méthode. Je suis convaincue et j’attends avec impatience le nouveau siège de bidet québécois.