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Why compost?

Why compost?

**This article has been translated automatically and will be reviewed soon.**

Do you compost at home?

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of municipalities implementing compost collection. This is good news! And although the practice is not yet widespread among all Canadians and Americans, we continue collectively to take a step in the right direction.


It seems crazy to compost… We are told to put things in a brown bin. As it is a colorful and special bin, we say to ourselves that it must be good for the environment, as well as for recycling, but most of the time, we don't really understand how or why.

If you didn't know, composting has a significant positive impact on reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) ! Greenhouse gases are what trap heat in the atmosphere. It is, among other things, because of too large a quantity of these gases on the surface of the Earth that we are experiencing a “greenhouse effect” and it is therefore, among other things, because of them that we are facing global warming at the moment.

So here's what happens when you don't compost:

When you put organic matter in the trash, it goes to the landfill.

Are you following me this far?

The problem is that these materials are buried , compacted between inert materials, and therefore they decompose among other debris without oxygen . Decomposition in this way produces a potent biogas composed of methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times more potent than the CO2 which is already so harmful!

Not twice, not three times.. 25 times!!

So just for that, it should convince you.

Otherwise, there are other interesting benefits for the environment, such as the use of compost as fertilizer. Moreover, it is possible and free, in many municipalities, to pick up compost for your garden in the spring from your local ecocenter. Reusing the purpose of the process allows us to produce less fertilizer (which would emit GHGs). We close the loop.


If you have access to organic matter collection in your municipality, take advantage of it!

Otherwise, here are some ideas to help you compost directly at home:

The compost bin in the yard (barrel or rotary)

For people who have a yard, a backyard compost bin is easy to set up and then allows you to enjoy the beautiful soil that the process provides. Just add table scraps (be careful, because you can't put everything in) and green residue, stir from time to time and wait for everything to turn into compost. I have never, personally, had an outside baccalaureate, so I can't tell you more, but the Internet is really full of resources!!


Learning how to worm compost is cool, but as the first word of the sentence says: you have to learn! There's a lot to know. We can either install the worms in our compost bin in the yard or have a bin inside the house. The advantage is that the worms still eat the leftovers quite quickly, and there is no smell! Worms make excellent pets that are ultra docile and quiet. Much easier and more economical to care for and feed them than a little hairy creature!

It is possible to obtain a baccalaureate; This is exactly what I did until the collection was established at my home in Montreal. It is now at our offices, because there is no collection in the area.

It is also possible to buy a fancy worm composter. The thing to know is that worms are a bit difficult: they don't eat citrus fruits, no onions, no bread, no rotten stuff, no leftover meat/fish/fruit of sea, no big bark either... Well, it's quite similar to what we put in the bin in the yard...

An electric composter

There are composters that look like a small countertop compost bin and can transform your table scraps into a thin layer of fertilizer. It's a slightly more expensive option but if you're looking for something turnkey and easy to use (that's a bit like our products! huhu), this is the device you need!

~ • ~

Due to the lack of food diversity that can be included, these three options are not as "perfect" as municipal collection, but if it can eliminate half of the food waste that you would normally send to the trash, it's worth it. !

And if we don't want to know about all that, there are a few last options:

Reduce at source

In other words: stop throwing away food!

Did you know that Canada is the world champion in food waste? We are worse than the United States!

Whether you compost or not, you really need to reduce the number of foods you buy. In addition, we cannot be “against” savings! Limiting ourselves to what we are sure to eat and completely finish within the week will definitely save us money.

Compost green waste naturally and effortlessly

If you are extremely loose, this solution is for you!

Dead leaves in the fall, leave them on the ground! It will serve as a winter refuge for several species and will also enrich the soil in the spring.

Obviously, don't leave a 3-inch carpet of leaves on the ground, because otherwise, it will rot... Ask your children (or your neighbors' children) to come and spread them everywhere, they will be happy to do it for you!


If the city does not (yet) collect, what solution seems best to you?

In my case, I am lucky to have access to collection. I just have to put pressure on the campsite where I am seasonal so that they agree to collect the compost. In addition, the city collects in the surrounding streets so I don't understand why we couldn't have a collection at the campsite? My little eco-friendly gesture every weekend is to bring my compost back to Montreal! In the past, I had my vermicomposting bin on site, but it was more complex than just bringing back a bucket of residue on Sunday evening to put it in the brown bin, especially since I was afraid that my worms would die of starvation, thirst or heat during the week.



By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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