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Recognize the importance of taking action and have confidence that you can do it

Recognize the importance of taking action and have confidence that you can do it

**This article has been translated automatically and will be reviewed soon.**

We present to you our first two actions of the year.

This year, we didn't make any resolutions. We made decisions. One of them: sharing with you 52 eco-friendly actions to do in 2023 .

We start with two simple gestures which are in fact major basic reflections.


The first golden rule when starting changes is:

The conviction

To make a change in your life, you have to see the benefits and you have to understand its importance. And for us, “importance” leads us to ask ourselves a big question:


Why change things in our life? (Ark, change. 😅)

It takes conviction.

There is at least one important reason.

So…let’s see.

Let's see what the point of doing all this is. Let’s find our “why”.

Why would we want to change things?

What would you others say?

What is the reason behind your desire to take part in these 52 actions, behind this desire to inform yourself, limit your daily waste and take care of the planet?

From there, you will have a conviction, which will take you to the second step.


Following the first action, we concluded that there are two main reasons to act:

• We act for ourselves: for our well-being, to be in accordance with our values.


• We act for others: for our children, our grandchildren and for the future of humanity.

After which we want to talk about trust !

After conviction, we need to have confidence that we can take action: We need to have confidence in ourselves (to feel that we are capable of doing it) AND to feel that others are on board with it. We!

How can we feel the importance of taking action and really going through the motions this year?

We have some little ideas for you!


Being part of a group or talking with people who share the same values ​​as us can help a lot! 💚

For example, if you are part of a group of Air Fryer fans and you see tips that have worked for some, that will surely make you want to try them in your Air Fryer too! Hard-boiled eggs work! Fried Oreos are pretty good too. But hey, let’s get back to our own issues!

By having discussions with people who care about the environment, who experience the same problems as us or who are experimenting with things successfully, it makes us feel less alone.

A good place to do that is via our Facebook group All in the same boat 😉 Its vocation is precisely to share information and bring together people who have similar values ​​and objectives.


One trick to increase our confidence is to talk about our past successes!

Expressing that we have achieved something increases our self-confidence.

And by sharing it, it will inspire and encourage everyone to want to move forward.

“Wow, if all these people made it, surely I can do it too!” »


It sure takes a little will to take action. (Ark, put in the effort 😅)

But as a general rule, the actions that we will propose are still quite easy to test. And we didn't just say "to integrate into your lifestyle", just... try it out, for once, for a day or a week.

This is also why our title is “52 gestures to test in 2023” and not “52 gestures to adopt and implement in your life to change your behavior in 2023”.

It is believed that trying new things allows us to understand its advantages and disadvantages. It also allows us to evaluate how easy or not it would be to integrate this gesture into our life if, one day, we are ready to do it.


The first two actions are inspired by the tools used by health professionals to guide people towards behavior change. We talked about it in a rather general way, but you can apply these concepts in a more specific way for each of the actions that we are going to discuss this year if you really want to make this change in your life.

To do this, for each gesture, simply…

1. Perceive the advantages of changing this behavior (find the reasons that push you to act, the advantages, the disadvantages and be able to see more PROS than AGAINST). It's belief.

2. Determine your ability to change this behavior (Do you think you can do it? What would stop you from doing it? How do you think you can accomplish it?). It's confidence.

By taking the time to think about it, you can learn more about yourself, your context and your situation. You will be able to detect blockages (if there are any)... moreover, by putting your finger on what is blocking you, it will be easier to name the problem and see if solutions exist (among other things by asking to other members of a community who are listening). Then, will come the strategies to act!


To perform the first action:

Find at least one reason to take action for the environment. 💚

To accomplish the second gesture:

Tell us ONE eco-friendly gesture that you have already integrated into your life and that fills you with pride!! 💚

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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