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52 ecological actions for 2023

52 ecological actions for 2023

**This article has been translated automatically and will be reviewed soon.**

We all know that we must act for the environment!

But do we really do it?


“That doesn’t really tempt me…”

“I have other things to do…”

“Yes yes, a little. »

2023 is coming and… how can I put it to you… it’s becoming a little more urgent to “do things”!

So for 2023, Bateau Bateau is making the big resolution to kick our collective ass to “do things”.

Rest assured, these are very nice actions, and the kick is nice and full of benevolence!

We found 52 themes to address, which we will spread over the 52 weeks of the year and we are revealing all the themes to you now!


Here are the 52 actions we want to address this year:

1. The golden rule: Recognize the importance of taking action
2. The silver rule: Trust that you can act
3. Everyone tries a bidet!
4. Learn to sort waste
5. Live without a straw
6. Take care of your cell
7. Offer experiences
8. Reduce your electricity consumption
9. Raise awareness about endangered species
10. We make a hygiene product
11. Clean your data
12. Participate in “international days”
13. Understand the importance of our oceans
14. Compost
15. Discover the advantages of second hand
16. Try mobility differently
17. Review our preconceived ideas about tap water
18. Sightseeing without leaving a trace
19. Borrow, rent, pool
20. Shop for fruits and vegetables
21. Move towards more comfortable and eco-friendly menstrual hygiene
22. We're having a swap party!
23. Show yourself naturally
24. Visit a zero waste store
25. Forget fast fashion forever
26. Read about ecology and the environment
27. Replace tissues
28. Spend time in nature
29. Spot smart plastic solutions
30. Eat there
31. Long live the cornet!
32. Make your bathroom more eco-friendly
33. Do something for our animal friends
34. Take care of your clothes
35. Make a lunch without packaging: 10 ideas for an eco-friendly lunch box
36. It's party time! Host a reception or choose eco-responsible gifts
37. Make your street cleaner
38. Replace disposable paper towels
39. Reduce food waste: zero waste tips and ideas
40. Meatless Challenge: 10 Meal Ideas Kids Will Love
41. Be attentive to greenwashing
42. Try bulk or favor large format
43. Save drinking water
44. Buy Quebec: Let’s demystify local purchasing
45. Stay aware of your impact at the office and/or school
46. ​​No longer throw anything down your toilet
47. Avoid the pitfalls of Black Friday
48. Support an organization
49. Make and offer useful objects
50. Limit your impact, everywhere and at all times
51. Wrap your gifts differently
52. Everyday objects: How to choose the most ecological option?

(This list is an overview and may change during the year)


What's fun about this project is that we're not just going to tell you "Hey, you should do that, it's much better for the planet". Nenon, we will live them and do them WITH you.

We're going to give you ideas, we're going to propose solutions, we're going to test things TOGETHER, and we're going to complain if we need to complain. Don't whine like children like: "I don't like it, burk" when you haven't even tasted it! Nenon. We make the effort, and afterwards, we can complain to express our dismay, a blatant lack of solutions. And we don't know, maybe through strength in numbers and through discussions, we will be able to find someone who knows someone who has a cousin who has the solution!

And it will happen on all our social networks - in their own style - to be able to connect with everyone. So you will be able to see the challenge of the week on our Facebook page , see Reels on Instagram and TikTok videos regarding the challenges we offer. You will sometimes be able to follow our reflections “LIVE” in Insta story or read on certain topics in catch-up on our blog .

The goal in all this is of course to mobilize! But why?

I would tend to answer simply: for the best.

For our future all, but for our present too.

First of all, I don't know about you, but generally, we are filled with pride when we accomplish things! Then, taking actions that have a positive impact calms our eco-anxiety in the medium term because we really feel like we are moving in the right direction. I also think that following a wave of mobilization makes us feel good, because we can feel the greatness and the strength of “we”.

Then, there are plenty of solutions that exist that we don't necessarily know about to limit our efforts. In the end, we get more immediate comfort, we improve our quality of life now and sometimes, making a very small change can even make our lives easier in the long term.

In short, well-being can be felt in our daily lives now, in addition to generating hope for a better future for generations to come.


Are there any subjects that interest you?

Any topics you can’t wait for us to discuss?

Important topics that we have forgotten?

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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