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Reusable Toilet Paper Kit - Watercolor Foliage

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This magnificent watercolor foliage print designed by Pop! Pigments will add a touch of color and freshness to your bathroom.
Large eucalyptus, monstera, and cotton leaves in shades of blue and green adorn the basket for storing the 36 clean rolls and the top of the bag for disposing of used rolls.

Our kits of reusable toilet paper allow you to save money very easily. You can stop throwing your money down the drain. Say goodbye for good to disposable toilet paper.

(Okay…you can keep a roll of paper for the visit!!!).

The toilet rolls are very easy to use, even for children. After rinsing yourself with a bidet, take a roll from the basket, wipe yourself, then place the used roll in the waterproof bag. Once the bag is full, detach it easily with the snap and drop the rolls into your washing machine without touching them by opening the zipper at the bottom of the bag.

Our reusable toilet paper systems are so well thought out that they effortlessly integrate into your daily routine.

*The shades and placement of fabric patterns may vary from the photo.

Our current fabric production lot for our black rolls has a different texture compared to previous productions. The brushed side has a more felted finish, and due to the fabric not being pre-washed for this batch, there may be slight shrinkage (up to 1/4 inch in width and 3/4 inch in length). Rest assured, the fabric maintains its high absorption level, and it still rolls perfectly in the dryer.

Rolls color

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Rolls color: NATURAL WHITE rolls



A Boaty kit includes a basket for storing the rolls and a matching bag for placing the used rolls while awaiting the next wash. The bag opens at the bottom with a zipper to easily release the rolls into the washer.


The basket and wet bag hang between the toilet tank and its lid using straps with a knot. Everything unsnaps easily for washing or transportation without needing to remove the straps each time.


100% cotton. OEKO-TEK-100 certified.
Size: 9″ x 4.5″ (23 x 11 cm) when flat (unrolled); equivalent to two squares of toilet paper. They are simply cut, without overlocking (seam around).

100% cotton.
Interlining: 100% polyester.
Bag: Made from recycled water bottles, PUL 100% polyester (polyurethane laminated).
CANZIP zipper
KAM snaps

Basket size: 5″ x 3″ x 7.5″ (12 cm x 8 cm x 19 cm).
Bag size: 19″ x 10.5″ (48 cm x 26.5 cm). The opening at the top has a diameter of 5″ (12.5 cm).


Our rolls are washing machine and dryer safe.
The basket and bag should ideally be dried flat.

Our rolls may shrink slightly over time. They're not supposed to fray*. If you ever see any threads, cut them and continue using them as usual. If you notice your rolls fraying abnormally, please contact us.

*Top-loading HE washers without an agitator are more prone to fraying.

Drop the rolls into the washer by opening the bottom of the bag, without touching the rolls.

If necessary, if they are very dirty, you can first run a quick cycle with hot water. (This step is optional, but it softens many psychological barriers. You can even add rags, socks, and underwear to this step).

Wash the rolls (and the bag if needed) with other items like clothes, washcloths, towels... preferably in cold water (for the environment).

Do not overload your washer. The rolls need space to unfold so that water and soap can penetrate the fabric.

🩸 CAUTION! Blood can stain white fabrics. Rinse with cold water before washing with hot water.

🚫 Avoid using bleach, as chlorine can weaken natural fibers and damage or yellow fabrics over time.

🚫 Avoid using liquid fabric softener, as it may waterproof the fibers and make your rolls less absorbent over time.

Dry the rolls in the dryer so they roll themselves up or hang to dry and roll by hand.

Dry the bag and basket flat.

🚫 Avoid using fabric softener sheets, as they can waterproof the fibers of the rolls and make them less absorbent over time.

Customer Reviews

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Une belle façon de réduire notre empreinte sur la planète tout en prenant soin de nos fesses! J'utilise même ce système là comme lingettes de bébé. Vraiment génial et facile d'entretien.

Très bon achat

Je suis ravie de l'achat du systèmes de papier de toilette.
C'est vraiment un must après l'achat du bidet. Il reste à faire accepter le tout aux autres membres de la famille. Très facile d'installation et d'utilisation.

Marie-Ève Cormier
Je m’ajusteras ravie !

J’adore toute toute toute ! Mes mouchoirs, mes rouleau, mon bidet, même si c’est frette !!!

Karine Ruel

WoW je suis très contentes du résultat! Comme la clanche de la toilette est sur le côté, j’avais peur que ça dérange, mais la grandeur du haut du sac est juste parfaite et ne dérange aucunement! Que dire de la douceur et l’épaisseur des rouleaux qui se roulent tout seuls, c’est merveilleux, ma fille et moi sommes très satisfaite! Reste à convaincre mon conjoint pour un bidet!! Mais c’est déjà un bon début et je penses même les apporter dans la roulotte en camping!


Facile d'utilisation et doux. Apporte une touche de couleur à la salle de bain