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Reusable Tissue Kit - Geo Black Yellow

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Get the Boaty tissue kit featuring a fabric box containing either 12 or 24 hankies along with a reversible basket.

• Family-Friendly Convenience
Easily access a tissue from the box, use it, and dispose of it in the cloth basket. Keep your home tidy without scattered tissues.

• Sustainable Savings
Switch to reusable handkerchiefs and say goodbye to disposable ones. This one-time purchase ensures a lifetime of savings.

• Hygienic Storage Solution
Keep clean tissues in the box and used ones in the basket until laundry day. Both components are washable for easy maintenance.

• Versatile Design Options
Select from a range of prints to blend these handkerchiefs seamlessly into any room decor. Classic or whimsical, there's a design for everyone.

• Superior Softness and Absorbency
Crafted from knitted bamboo cotton, these handkerchiefs offer unparalleled softness and absorption, providing relief from allergies or colds.

• Convenient Size
Same size as disposable tissues, ensuring a smooth transition. They're discreet enough for public use without judgment.

• Long-lasting
With proper care (and if you don't end up loosing them), these handkerchiefs can last for decades, offering a sustainable and economical choice.

Main fabric: White geometric lines on a black background
Complementary fabric: Yellow

*The shades and placement of fabric patterns may vary from the photo.


Pickup available at Bateau bateau

Usually ready in 24 hours

Color: 24 WHITE tissues



The Boaty Hankit includes a fabric box to store the tissues and a matching, reversible basket to hold used tissues until the next wash. This way, we prevent tissues from lying around or ending up in the trash.


Kits of 24 can go in the most frequented rooms of the house, and kits of 12 are useful near the bed.


70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton. Certified OEKO-TEX-100.

Size: 7.5” x 8” (19 x 20.3 cm)
They are cut simply, without overlock (not sewn around).

100% cotton
Basket interfacing: 90% polyester 10% viscose

Size of the 12-box: 8″ x 4″ x 0.75″ (20 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm)
Size of the 24-box: 8″ x 4″ x 1.5″ (20 cm x 10 cm x 4 cm)

Basket size: 4.75″ x 4.75″ x 4.75″ (12 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm)


Our tissues are washing machine and dryer safe.
The box and basket should ideally be dried flat.

Our reusable tissues may shrink slightly and deform over time. They are not supposed to fray*. If you ever see any threads, simply trim them and continue to use them as usual. If you notice abnormal fraying of your tissues, please contact us.

*Except for our imperfect tissues. Top-loading HE washers without an agitator are more likely to fray our tissues. If you have this type of washer, it is recommended to choose white or black tissues and/or wash them on a delicate cycle.

Drop the handkerchiefs into the washer by flipping the basket, without touching the handkerchiefs.

If needed, you can first run a quick cycle with hot water to dilute any mucus. (This step is optional, but it helps ease many psychological barriers. You can even add rags, socks, and underwear at this stage.)

Wash the handkerchiefs (and the basket and box if necessary) with other items such as clothes, washcloths, and towels, preferably with cold water (for the environment).

Do not overload your washer. Handkerchiefs need space to unfold so that water and soap can penetrate the fabric.

🩸 CAUTION! Blood can stain white fabrics. Rinse with cold water immediately.

🚫 Avoid using bleach, as chlorine can weaken natural fibers and damage or yellow fabrics over time.

🚫 Avoid using liquid fabric softener, as it can waterproof the fibers and make your handkerchiefs less absorbent over time.

Dry the handkerchiefs in the dryer to keep them soft or hang them to air dry.

Lay the box and basket flat to dry.

🚫 Avoid using fabric softener sheets, as they can waterproof the fibers of the handkerchiefs and make them less absorbent over time.

Customer Reviews

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Carmen Cyr
Fini les mouchoirs de papier

En utilisant les mouchoirs de Bateau Bateau, je me suis rendu compte que ce qui me faisait moucher était la poussière des mouchoirs papier. Depuis, je ne congestionne plus la nuit.

Merci, ma poubelle vous dit aussi merci

Marjolaine Blais
Mieux que des mouchoirs ordinaires

J'adore ces mouchoirs, c'est le troisième ensemble que je commande

Maxime S

Tel que mentionné par la créatrice de Bateau Bateau, les mouchoirs sont soyeux et conforme à la qualité annoncée. Que demander de plus?


Je croyais que ce serait désagréable comme les mouchoirs de nos grand-pères mais non, je suis contente de les avoir essayer pour les adopter.

Karine S.

On s'habitue avec le temps et finalement on ne peut plus s'en passer!