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Toilet seat cushions

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Toilet seat cushions are optional and can be used to eliminate the gap between the seat and the toilet bowl or to correct an inclination. If the space between your seat and the toilet bowl is greater than 1 inch, it is necessary to place cushions under your seat to prevent damage.

The 4 cushions are easy to install by removing the adhesive backing and firmly pressing them onto the toilet seat. They can be used to extend the life of your toilet seat, level it, or stabilize it.

Cushion thickness: 3/4" (2 cm)
Cushion length: 2" (5 cm)
Cushion width: 3/4" (2 cm)


  1. Lift your toilet seat and thoroughly clean underneath to remove any residue that may reduce adhesion.
  2. Remove the red protective backing from the toilet seat cushions to expose the adhesive part.
  3. Place the cushions on the chosen parts of the toilet seat. Press the cushions firmly against the seat to make them adhere.

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