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NEW 💦 NEO 185 Plus toilet bidet by LUXE Bidet® - Cold water

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Two-nozzle bidet model with two separate jets, front and rear.

Button to select the front wash, rear wash, or nozzle self-cleaning that washes the nozzle and nozzle guard. The activation and adjustment of the water power is done by another button.

Quick installation

Simply slide the bidet between the seat and the toilet bowl.

Easy cleaning

Lift the bidet to clean underneath without uninstalling it.


Nozzle guard and retractable nozzles when the bidet is not in use. Advanced nozzle cleaning mode (cleans both the nozzles and the protecting guard).

This model is cold water only, or let's say "room temperature." Keep in mind that cold water is not as discomforting as you might think!

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The nozzle is retracted and protected by a nozzle cover when the bidet is not in use. The nozzle is thus protected until the bidet is used.


The bidet installs under the toilet seat in just a few minutes and connects to the water inlet near the toilet using a T-adapter included in the box.

The NEO Plus series is even simpler to install because it is not necessary to remove the entire seat.


Our toilet bidets are purely mechanical; they operate using water pressure and thus do not require electricity. They are designed to fit most standard North American toilets. Please note that the bidet may be incompatible with your seat or may create a gap between the seat and the bowl, in which case cushions may need to be installed. In some rare cases, the seat may need to be changed.

Before installation, please verify:
✅ Measurements of the bidets.
✅ Accessibility of the toilet's water inlet.
✅ Flexibility of the hose connecting the water inlet to the toilet tank (if it is rigid, it will need to be replaced before installing the bidet).


For hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns of used bidets. Upon receipt, please check that the bidet is compatible with your toilet without removing it from the plastic packaging (it is possible to poke holes if necessary). Contact us if your bidet is not compatible or if you need assistance with installation.

If you notice a manufacturing defect with your new bidet, please contact the manufacturer as indicated in the box.

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Fait parfaitement!

Facile d’installation, il fait parfaitement sur la toilette. Meme mon conjoint l’aime!


Easy installation!