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A new blog

A new blog

- August 25, 2020 -

I want to write about subjects that really interest me: eco-responsibility, zero waste, degrowth, the environmental crisis...

So I'm starting a blog, starting today, called “All in the same boat”.

I don't claim to know everything, but like you, I question things, gather information, and want to share interesting content with you, share my opinions on what I find, maybe inspire you? I also want to learn about your perspective or your environmental concerns—whatever the degree—if you feel like sharing.

I believe it's important to discuss these significant topics that concern us all because putting words to our fears or frustrations can help us detach from them more easily. It's also by sharing a multitude of tips that we can become more and more eco-responsible.

In short, it will happen one small topic at a time!

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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