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Reusable tissues in the bedroom

Reusable tissues in the bedroom

Warning: The content of this article is intended for individuals aged 18 and older as it discusses sexual content!

We're in 2017, in the early days of Boaty, and I'm on the hunt for the perfect fabric to blow my nose in. There's nothing on the market (or in my drawer scraps to cut up...) that's soft enough for me. And you know the end of the story: I found it! The perfect fabric! And it's cozy and smooth. Then, I created a convenient box to store them and a basket to place our used tissues while waiting for the next wash. Yes, there you go, a beautiful story!

But there's a side story you don't know. And I'm about to tell you...


During my fabric searches, I completely transitioned to reusable tissues throughout my house. Goodbye, paper tissues!

But I still had one box! Almost full, too. And this last box of paper tissues, I kept it in the bedroom, in the drawer, specifically for post-sex...

I had a reluctance to use my super-soft tissues that I put on my face for these sticky fluids... I was afraid they wouldn't wash out, and afterward, they'd end up in my nose. It was my personal block.

Then, we used up that box of paper tissues, slowly (but still with 4-6 tissues at a time because that's how paper tissues + post-sex work!), and one day, it happened... We reached the end of the box and had to use reusables to wipe ourselves during our next encounters (no way we were buying another box of tissues!).


So, I thought for a moment to overcome my hesitation (the solution was quite simple): I took one of my fabric boxes and put 12 black tissues in it.

Now, it worked for me: the black ones for biological fluids... and the white ones for, umm... the other biological fluids... (Yeah, saying it like that sounds silly!)

So, let's put it this way: the black ones for intimate moments and the white ones for the nose!


Then came that night of love; the first time we used Boaty reusable tissues after intimacy...

I was completely amazed. I couldn't believe it! I had several revelations.

All that time, struggling to finish the box of paper tissues because of a silly blockage, all that time I lost without realizing how awful it was to use paper to wipe sticky fluids!!

I mean, sticky + thin dusty paper = bits of thin dusty paper sticking everywhere. You get me? I can't believe I didn't realize that earlier. How unpleasant it is!! For everyone. And especially for him. 🥺

So, that night, I realized that my soft Boaty tissues weren't just perfect for the nose; they were just as perfect for post-intimacy cleanup!

1. It doesn't stick

Neither on your fingers, nor on your intimate areas.

2. It's durable

Doesn't shred into pieces and doesn't create lint in your fingers.

3. It’s absorbent and it wipes really well

You don't need to take 3-4! One is enough! (Well, one each)

4. It's so, so gentle on our parts!

No irritation or sandpaper effect like cheap tissues. Just softness!

We find ourselves in ecstasy. Actually, we continue the state of ecstasy we're supposed to be in.

5. It's definitely more elegant

Let's say you're on a date; it's much classier to offer a soft tissue instead of a bunch of toilet paper. 😉

6. It's not full of dust and chemical stuff

Which is quite important considering we're talking about our delicate intimate parts.

7. It fits the shapes wonderfully

Both the "engine" (which can be wrapped to absorb well) and the pelvic regions (we can tap dry the edges of the labia without the risk that it tears apart!)

8. It washes really well

Well yes, all that time when I was so afraid... I can finally say that it washes well, and I've even come to wipe sometimes with a white tissues, and it probably ended up used for my nose 1 or 3 washes later...


In fact, I simply wish for you to not endure tissue papers for much longer. What a torment we inflict on ourselves!

But that, we don't know until we dare to try the softness of bamboo-cotton!

And you, will you dare?

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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