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Our passage to Dans l'oeil du dragon

Our passage to Dans l'oeil du dragon

**This article has been translated automatically and contains French/Quebec references.**

So! It's done!

Last night, we were on the show Dans l'oeil du dragon.

And here, I can now tell you about my experience, now that you know the result!

First, we are not aware of time when we are on set. Was I there 20 minutes or 40 minutes? No idea. In any case, it was a very short time for the dragons to understand the products, see how they could use them in their own daily lives in order to embody the product (or not), and then visualize the potential of the business .

That's a lot of information to process. Although they were very skeptical at first, I think I convinced them a little. Or finally, I was surprised to see their evolution, the rapid progress in their heads in such a short period of time!


If I've done 40 minutes on set, after editing, there's not even 8 left!

And in my original pitch , I focused a lot more on tissues than toilet paper, but large pieces were cut... The part where I show our pouch, the part where I say all that:

“Do you remember the last time you had a cold...or allergies? You know, when you use 46 tissues in the same day and you have the whole underside of your nose irritated, and it burns! ...and on the living room table, there are 46 handkerchiefs lying around. There are people who say that disposable tissues are more hygienic than reusable ones, but in fact it is the way we use them that makes it hygienic or not! »

They also added a video that shows a bidet (a model that I have never seen in my life).

They cut the parts where Nicolas challenges me on the environmental aspect of things like “are you really more ecological? » and “I don't see how to integrate this into my life with 3 children”, in his great marked skepticism. I obviously had answers to his questions; they are also cut. Furthermore, I answered it in my last blog posts. Great topics to talk about! If he thought that, there must be a gang of people who think that too.

I also need to tell you that the dragons were pretty unanimous on the fact that handkerchiefs are still acceptable, but anything 'below the belt' wouldn't go over as well with the general public. They considered me a bit too avant-garde for washable toilet paper.


With that in mind, I told myself that I had to focus on producing enough TISSUES.

I don't know if it's the editing or the way the toilet paper and toilet kits were showcased, but clearly, it's the toilet and bidet that captured people's imagination!

Honestly, I didn't expect such enthusiasm for our toilet paper! As I mentioned, even the dragons themselves didn't believe it...

But afterward, people mostly talked about it in the comments and messages we received! The orders reflected that as well.


I wondered why. What is it that made people so enthusiastic about reusable toilet paper?

I thought of 5 hypotheses:

People already knew about our tissues, but they didn't know we had released toilet paper?

It's still a fairly recent product (end of 2020), so maybe they hadn't seen our numerous newsletters, Facebook, or Instagram posts on the subject? If so, it's a somewhat sad communication fail!

People don't have as much apprehension about washable toilet paper compared to tissues because they don't have bad memories to overcome?

I often hear, "My father (or grandfather) had his washable tissue, it disgusts me just to think about it!" No one can say the same for washable toilet paper. No one has bad memories of washable TP. It's an entirely new and fresh concept.

The only apprehension is the idea of washing feces. That's it. A psychological barrier that the bidet removes, by the way, because you wipe with water instead of feces. Compared to tissues where you inevitably wash mucus? We might need a nose bidet...?

People really love the idea of having endless toilet paper!

Reusable toilet paper = having TP endlessly and never running out! Because you never need to buy it again; you just have to wash it when you're done using the rolls. I imagine that provides a sense of security, especially given what happened last year!

People really want to reduce their daily waste

Toilet paper is something that EVERYONE uses multiple times a day! Much more than tissues. As I said on air, it's a lot of money we flush every week, and it's also a lot of trees that are cut down every year. It's undeniable. If you multiply that by millions of people, it's millions of trees being cut.

The editing

My pitch was initially balanced to talk as much about tissues as toilet paper. But after the final editing, toilet paper had more television weight. The dragons had a sheet of toilet paper in their hands for a long time! I described the toilet products in detail. The dragons' comments were mostly about the bidet...


I wanted to talk to you about this because it's like the surprise of the moment!

Toilet paper or tissues, Marie-Josée said: “It’s the right time, we need to wake up to our lifestyle habits”.

That's right!

She also said: “In 2021, we all should be ready for this”. This one was cut in editing but it’s definitely a sentence to remember!

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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