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The reason for a newsletter

The reason for a newsletter

Are you subscribed to our newsletter?

If so, you may have noticed that since 2018-2019, I never sent anything?

I say never, but we agree that 2-3 times a year is not far from never...

I have always had the impression that I would be a nuisance, especially since I felt I had nothing interesting to say. New fabrics, meh. Does that really justify sending a newsletter?

It must be said that I consider a newsletter subscription as a huge privilege given to me to enter directly into your inbox... so I definitely don't want to abuse it.

Then, I came to a reflection on newsletters in general. What's the point of having the email address of thousands of people if we never send anything?


The first thing we say to ourselves as a company is: I need email addresses! I have to succeed in communicating with the world!

And there, we have lots of emails and we don't know what to do with them. We are afraid of being intrusive and that people will unsubscribe because the newsletter is boring.

We have an incredible chance to be seen and heard, and we do nothing with it.

Moreover, it must be said that at the moment, Facebook is not helping us much with visibility in general. People don't see our posts as much as before. Businesses get lost in an ocean of content, much like we are lost in the sea of websites on the Internet in general.

Parenthesis: I also see many business owners who are completely overwhelmed by not being seen on Facebook anymore. They are angry at Facebook or disappointed with the algorithm because their posts are increasingly overlooked. It's true. It's not what it used to be. Bateau bateau (our French page) had the opportunity to become known through Facebook before the algorithms changed so much. And I said opportunity! It was an opportunity! I am so grateful to Facebook, and today, I am taking steps to be seen differently because evidently, having organic reach is no longer a given. The proof: Our Boaty page. We have to accept that it's not the same as before and find other ways to be seen, by staying informed, analyzing, paying Facebook, or even stepping out of Facebook... End of the parenthesis.

So, perhaps a newsletter is the solution to reach people? Because we reach them directly where they are receptive to receiving information!!

Or maybe not...

First, they have to be receptive.


It's easy to scroll on Facebook. Just as easy to delete a newsletter without opening it.

And what does this newsletter say?

Everything is 10% off!

Check out my new releases this week!

Have you seen our new fabrics?

Hey, I have some new things to show you!

A promo code for you!

It's cool for a while, but after the fifth one, don't we get tired? People will have had a crush, they will have bought... their need will be fulfilled. Why continue to receive new releases and discounts continuously?

= unsubscribe

So, are newsletters made for a fleeting audience? People who come, take advantage of a crush or a discount, and leave? And I often see it in this context: "Subscribe to the newsletter, and I'll give you a discount!" We subscribe, take advantage of the discount, see that it's just a newsletter to promote other releases that we don't (or no longer) need, and then we unsubscribe.

It seems a shame to waste such a nice privilege.

So there you go, that's why I send newsletters 2-3 times a year. I don't want to annoy you with my new releases.

And then, this week, I thought of something...


I want to test sending a newsletter that covers interesting subjects.

I asked myself what I liked to receive (or in fact what I would like to receive, because I don't receive a lot of interesting newsletters)… and what wins my attention is above all: good content!

I like to write good content.

I provide thoughts on the environment, on an eco-friendly lifestyle, on the use of my products, on my business or sometimes, like today, on my little challenges as an entrepreneur. Because beyond selling excellent products, I want to share information, make you question yourself or even make you think about lots of different subjects!

So I thought it might be interesting to share the topics I cover in a more regular newsletter? Let's say, once a month. And by the way, if I have new features, news or promotions, I will be more comfortable adding them to the newsletter.


This fear of being intrusive and invasive comes back... entering your inbox each month!!!

But at the same time, these are still subjects that concern us all, and which can fuel interesting discussions with family or friends, possibly!?

Finally, I will test and I will assume. I want them to be relevant so I'm going to make sure they are!

Thank you in advance for including me in your readings.


What makes you open a newsletter?

Do you want to receive interesting content in your inbox or do you just want to know about company news and discounts?

And for the content to be interesting, what should it be about?

If there are general or specific topics that you would like me to cover, do not hesitate to suggest them to me. :)

Cover photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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