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Tourism without leaving a trace: being green, even when traveling

Tourism without leaving a trace: being green, even when traveling

**This article has been translated automatically and will be reviewed soon.**

Let's say we're going on a trip... how do we keep our good eco-friendly habits? It was our 18th gesture of the year! Learn more about our 52 gestures.


Before leaving on a trip, we make sure we have a “zero waste” kit that will follow us throughout our stay. The items it contains will prevent us from making plastic and/or single-use waste. Besides, we can keep our kit with us at all times, not just when traveling! It can be useful anytime: when you go to the office, when you are traveling by car or for a weekend somewhere.

The ideal kit contains:

• A water bottle (thermal is cool so the water stays cold for a long time)

• A glass/tumbler (retractable is cool) to hold other types of drinks (drinks on the plane, coffee, wine, a beer on a terrace, a freshly squeezed local juice or a smoothie.. .) and a reusable straw if you happen to have a smoothie.

• A pocket of utensils (fork, spoon, pocketknife)

• A resealable dish to put food in to take out (also to bring back leftovers or organic waste)

• At least one reusable bag that folds into a ball (for unplanned grocery shopping and/or as a waste bag)

• Cloth handkerchiefs (black ones can also be used as wet wipes with the water from the bottle)

• A napkin (fabric napkin, which can be used as a placemat, as a paper towel, or as a bundle to cover food if necessary)

• A portable bidet and a carrying bag with rolls of washable toilet paper (if you get there)


If we go on an outdoor getaway, we never leave anything lying around in nature.

If we don't have a "zero waste" kit with a balled-up bag in it, we at least keep just one balled-up bag to carry around to bring our waste to a place where we can throw it away. Otherwise, there is the option of dragging a compactor, but it is 130lb.

We also learn about how the country manages its waste. Is there compost? Recycling? If so, what is recycled? How does collection work? We make sure to make as much effort in this direction as possible. We also monitor our packaging purchases, knowing the consequences of the waste they will produce.


We all know that we must not damage traditional, historical and cultural sites. We leave rocks and plants in their place, we do not tear off the bark of trees to make herbal tea and we avoid digging trenches. We're not in 1914-18 anyway!

If you go diving or freediving, you definitely don't touch the corals. We also stay away from animals, especially sharks and bears.

Obviously, we’re not starting from a forest fire either! Campfires are only in designated areas and if the fire rating allows it. If there's no sign of fire, it's better not to. Enka-que.


We are still in an era where we have the privilege of traveling abroad. Perhaps one day, climate change will be such that we will no longer be able to fly as often as we would like and this guide will only apply to regional travel. Let us become aware of this privilege and cherish these trips and the beauty of nature found there.


Do you already have an eco-friendly kit?

Are there any items missing?

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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