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How to switch from disposable tissues to washable tissues?

How to switch from disposable tissues to washable tissues?

**This article has been translated automatically and will be reviewed soon.**

Our customers often tell us that our tissues are incredible and that they didn't expect to see such significant changes in themselves or their loved ones. Thanks to Bateau Bateau handkerchiefs, they all managed to make the transition in their lives to washable handkerchiefs.

All these stories have remained engraved in our hearts over the years and today, we share them with you because perhaps they will help you try our washable tissues?

Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons.


It's fall 2020, Mélanie loves her Bateau Bateau reusable handkerchiefs; they are in every room of her house and her children are now used to blowing their noses in cozy fabrics. Her parents haven't made it there, but since they both wear glasses, Mélanie gave them two Bateau Bateau tissues so they can use them to wipe their glasses without leaving any residue. They loved them and continued to use them for their glasses. She saw it clearly, because there were always 1-2 neatly folded tissues near the glasses product on the kitchen counter.

Mélanie often visits her parents with her whole family. So for Christmas, she gave her parents a complete set on the pretext that when she comes with the children, her children could use the washable ones. No pressure! Just take out the boxes and basket when they come to visit.

After just a few visits, Mélanie noticed that the sets of tissues naturally stayed in their place and Mélanie's parents started using them to blow their noses too! Her parents ordered two more sets and as of 2021, there are no more tissues in their house. There are also always 1-2 neatly folded tissues near the glasses product.


It's still 2020 and Émilie has just lost her brother. Her mother, who was the caregiver, was going through a very difficult ordeal, had a lot on her hands during this ordeal and could not receive help from her loved ones (because in the middle of the COVID period). Émilie was openly looking on social networks for a little something to replace the biggest hug in the world. We offered him Bateau Bateau handkerchiefs, because our handkerchiefs are just like cuddles. His mother could then dry up her tears with the greatest gentleness. Knowing them herself, she decided to buy him a set.

It was his mother who contacted us some time later telling us that she had received a nice comforting gift. “It’s a wonderful product...and gentle. ". We were then very happy that our handkerchiefs had given her all the softness she deserved. A few days later, Émilie contacted us to tell us that her mother had been very touched by her gift and, above all, by the meaning given to it (the hug, the sweetness). “I explained to him your concept of not changing habits (box of Kleenex, tissue that looks like the ones we know and small basket that acts as a trash can). I had never taken the time to present it like that and I wanted to tell you that it was really nice. » Her mother made a gentle transition in a somewhat brutal moment, but her handkerchiefs will stay with her for a long time and comfort her in all the trials of her life.


It's May 31, 2021 and Michel has just seen the presentation of the founder of Bateau Bateau on the show Dans l'oeil du dragon. He is curious to try the tissues and order them online. He sees us again in a living room in the fall and comes to tell us his story:

“Your handkerchiefs are really perfect. I had cotton handkerchiefs, but found them too thin and my wife didn't like me putting dirty handkerchiefs in my pockets, so your basket comes in handy. »

His wife is with him and she smiles at us. She comes closer to tell us in a low voice: “I use them too!” It's really good. Well done! »


Suzanne sees us for the first time at the Zero Waste Festival in 2019. She passes in front of our booth and we offer her to touch our soft washable tissues. She then told us: “No no no! Washable!? Oh no! I'm not ready for this! ". We tell him that it is quite correct. We chat a little and end by saying that we are simply here to plant small seeds. One day, who knows, these little seeds might germinate. Two years later, Suzanne sees us again in a living room. She comes up to us all smiles to tell us: “We spoke at the Zero Waste Festival two years ago. When you said you were planting seeds, well you did well because it germinated in my head! I now have your tissues and I love them. I wouldn't go back again. THANKS! ".


Fanny is a fan of Bateau Bateau. She gave her sister, who gave birth a few months ago, a set of tissues. His sister isn't too open to the idea of ​​blowing her nose in there...yet. Baby never liked paper tissues. It's a struggle every time she tries to wipe his nose. So she tries the cloth handkerchiefs she received; she has nothing to lose. She realizes how nice it is for her and surprisingly, her child is much more likely to want to have their nose wiped!

He still has some disposable tissues to pass through, but he doesn't want to know. So she uses disposable ones for herself, but after a while, she also wants to enjoy the softness of reusable tissues. This story was told to us by her partner. He too is surprised. He finds our products extraordinary and he says it with such sincerity. He never thought he would convert to washable handkerchiefs and now it has become completely natural.


Lucille is disgusted by tissues. Her parents always had cotton handkerchiefs and she had to wash and iron them. For her, reusing tissues disgusts her. What's good is that we had the opportunity to chat with Lucille at the Écosphere Fair in 2022 because she was passing by. We then explain to him that we completely understand his disgust and that it also disgusts us to reuse a tissue full of snot. This is why we offer something different that looks more like a Kleenex. We tell him that we only use our handkerchiefs once and wash them; we do not put them back in our sleeve or pocket after using it. Lucille listens. No need to iron them and they go in the dryer. It's easy easy. Lucille always listens. We hand her a tissue and she agrees that it is soft.

Because Lucille is attentive and curious, we present her with our pouch, which comes with 4 handkerchiefs (yay, the perfect number to see if we like them). We explain to him that the pouch is double and has a waterproof space to put used tissues, so it remains hygienic. His face lights up. She finds the idea interesting. We reassure her by saying that nothing prevents you from continuing to use disposable tissues when you have a bad cold! But if we can reduce it a little, that's already it.

We saw Lucille think for a moment, look at us and look at our covers. She finally made the leap. She took two pouches, finally bought her favorite of the two (it seemed like a difficult choice) and left saying "That makes sense, I'll try them."


Karine walks to work. In winter, she has a gout in her nose and she is always struggling to wipe herself with her mitten because she forgets to carry a small packet of tissues. Mittens are easier to wash than coat sleeves. Speaking of sleeves, Karine often finds traces of snot on the sleeves of her children's sweaters. In fact, that's what really gave him the spark. She already washed her children's snot off, how could wiping your nose on a piece of cloth specific to that be any more disgusting? Finished it all in the washer and came out clean. In fact, it's even more hygienic than a sleeve or mitten. So she got some tissues and a tissue pouch to put in her coat pocket. She quickly realized that washable tissues were really more comfortable and pleasant to use than her mitt! In addition, the fabric is kept warm in the pouch and warms the nose in winter.

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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