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How to blow your nose sustainably – ​​La Presse

How to blow your nose sustainably – ​​La Presse

**Please note that this text has been automatically translated and contains French/Quebec references.**

La Presse did an article on reusable tissues last Thursday. If you haven't read the article:

I want to talk to you in more depth about each segment!


At the beginning of the article, there is a statistic from 2012: we use 40,000 tonnes of facial tissues per year in Canada, according to Cascades.

It's impressive! 40,000 tons!!! What are millions? Billions of tissues? 😱

I went digging to find out when Cascades mentioned this statistic. It's here.

In 2013, they announced the release of their Moka handkerchiefs made from 100% recycled fibers. This seems like really interesting news for the environment!

Finally, it's better than Kleenex which says in its FAQ:

“I see a paper recycling symbol on my box of Kleenex® tissues. Are Kleenex® tissues made from recycled fibers? This symbol only refers to the material of the box. The Kleenex® tissues it contains are made almost 100 percent virgin fiber. Although we are developing replacement fibers for future use, we currently use virgin fiber for its superior softness sought by customers who purchase Kleenex® facial tissues. »           

This seems to be good news for Cascades... we say to ourselves: I just have to take some recycled tissues and that will solve the problem! But no, it's like changing the plastic straw for a cardboard straw. We are moving the problem of single use, we are not solving it.


That’s where reusable tissues come in!

In the article we can read about handkerchiefs from Öko creations, made from bed sheet fabric. As the vice-president and director of communications and marketing at Öko creations says: “It’s easy to make it at home, with old sheets that you cut into pieces.”

It's true! If you have fabrics that you can reuse, you have a sewing machine and you want to make some, that's perfect!

For my part, when I wanted to get washable handkerchiefs for the whole family, I did not have any old sheets available and I must honestly admit that I did not want to blow my nose in large squares of cotton .

I wanted something softer, a little thicker (without being too thick) and ultra soft!

And I also wanted them to look like disposable tissues... because I didn't want people to judge me when they saw me blowing my nose into tissue.

I also wanted a hygienic setup ! Because the handkerchiefs that you are going to make, where are you going to store them? And where are you going to put them once you blow your nose? On your nightstand? On the living room table? You also have to think about this when you want the whole family to adopt reusable tissues. It has to be simple, even for a 2 year old. I thought about all that!

This is what we can read just after in the article:


In fact, that's exactly why I use it!

Whether you take my soft handkerchiefs, or the ones you have made, store them in a pretty fabric box and then place them in the basket until the next wash. That way, there's no need to go to the laundry basket every time and that way, there's no tissue lying around.

As I say in the article:

“We don't have to worry if we want people to take an ecological approach. »

We want it to be simple and easy to use. Boatboat offers exactly that.


Then, the article addresses the delicate subject of COVID!

Yes, in times of pandemic, we must be careful not to take germs out of our homes! Do we agree that our germs are with us, wherever we go? So as soon as we go out, whether we have washable tissues or disposable ones with us, we have to watch out for our germs!

If you blow your nose with a disposable tissue, you must throw it away and wash your hands.

If you blow your nose with a washable tissue, you must put it in a waterproof pouch and wash your hands.

That's what we have to do.

Who here has ever blown their nose and put their disposable tissue in their pocket? The same pocket you stick your hand in because it's cold? Whether it's paper or fabric, if you do that, we've just canceled all the talk that one is more hygienic than the other, do we agree?

Besides, who here does the same thing with their mask? Puts it back in your pocket in bulk after using it for 2 hours and doesn't wash your hands immediately after taking it off?

Entk, it’s just to say that sometimes, reality is less beautiful and chic…

And I would add that when we have washable Boat handkerchiefs, we normally have a double pouch to bring them with us. So we are really better prepared to blow our nose because we have a place to put our used tissue.

In addition, our tissues are much thicker than disposable ones; so there is really less chance of getting your fingers wet.

So if you ever need to blow your nose and you don't plan to follow all the instructions properly, our tissues and our pouch are more hygienic than a disposable tissue!

If we plan to follow all the instructions, the two are equivalent if we have a pouch with us to store our washables. As for our reusable masks elsewhere.


Following the sharing of the La Presse publication on Facebook – among others on the Maître Live – Radio X page, I was surprised to see that people didn't even read it and immediately commented that they found it disgusting , sickening or even irresponsible in times of pandemic.

One of my clients was also disturbed to read certain comments, because when we embrace eco-friendly products in our lives, it is us who are attacked with insignificant comments like that; It's like people are saying that we're the ones who are disgusting.

Well, that's what you might first think. What I see are people who just haven't understood yet...

If only they knew everything that was washable about THEM!

Their bucket hats in which they sweated all day, their rags for washing the floor, their dishes and utensils (which they put back in their MOUTH after washing them)! And then the most disgusting thing EVER is someone wiping their runny nose after eating soup?

I even read one person commenting on this: “Think the world has become a momoune. The worst part is that the people who complain about reusable handkerchiefs must be eating ass and think it's okay, but handkerchiefs beeeeurk.

It makes me laugh. Always keep this in mind. All troll comments will always come across better. 😉


The article concludes with the following question: Is it greener?

In the end, it's all a question of quantity! If we transfer the 40,000 tonnes of disposable per year to washable, after 30 years, we will have consumed 40,000 tonnes instead of 1,200,000 tonnes.

In other words, YES it is more ecological, because we substantially reduce the quantity of paper tissues that are produced and thrown away. (And stop saying that it takes water to wash them! It takes water to wash your laundry anyway.)

So GO for the eco-friendly gesture, plus it will be much more economical and you can make the transition without compromising your comfort! 


By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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