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How to choose a bidet?

How to choose a bidet?

When seeking to enhance comfort and feel cleaner after using the toilet, installing a bidet is an excellent decision. However, selecting the right model isn't always straightforward given the numerous options available on the market.

Here's a practical guide to help you choose a bidet attachment (a mechanical bidet that installs under the toilet seat), with all the essential features to consider!


A good starting point in choosing a bidet is ease of installation. All bidet models that install under the seat are DIY-friendly: everything is included in the box for self-installation. Generally, installing a toilet bidet in your bathroom is quite straightforward.

However, some models are designed to be installed more quickly than others. For example, if the bidet can be slid under the seat, it will be much quicker to install than a model that requires uninstalling and reinstalling the entire seat. Look for adjustable U-shaped plates instead of closed plates.


Nozzles are at the heart of a bidet's effectiveness. They should be able to provide a precise and comfortable water jet. Models generally have one or two nozzles.

If a bidet has only one fixed nozzle, you will need to move on the toilet to rinse your buttocks or front parts (e.g., during menstruation). Some models have an adjustable nozzle, but then the nozzle must be adjusted manually, either with a button on the side or by positioning the nozzle with your hands.

Models with two nozzles have a rear jet and a front (or feminine) jet. These types of bidets are a bit more interesting because the angle is already adjusted to rinse both areas, and the type of jet is also slightly different between the two nozzles; the front jet is generally softer than the rear one.


For optimal hygiene, it is preferable to choose a bidet with a function that rinses the nozzles. Some models have a button for this purpose. You must select the nozzle cleaning mode to activate water on the nozzles. Other models do this automatically and continuously before jet activation, ensuring clean nozzles before use, thus reducing the risk of bacterial contamination.


The jets are always retracted when not in use, thus protecting them from toilet splashes. A nozzle cover or nozzle guard is an additional option that contributes to extra cleanliness to prevent men from urinating directly on the nozzles and reaching the jets (nozzle heads). A nozzle guard not only contributes to nozzle cleanliness but also to the longevity of the mechanism.


A mechanical bidet is connected to the toilet's water supply, thus using ambient temperature water from the pipes. A standard mechanical bidet does not heat the water. For those who find the water too cold, especially in homes with well water, there is a practical solution: opt for a bidet that can also be connected to the bathroom sink's hot water supply. This way, you can adjust the bidet's water temperature to your liking during use.

Note that a bidet with water that is too hot is unpleasant. It feels like being peed on, and you don't feel the jets well. If you use a bidet with hot water, you'll actually choose warm water.

If it's not possible to connect hot water to the bidet, a dual-temperature bidet can still be used with only cold water. The advantage of this type of bidet is its flexibility. The option to add hot water is always available. This can be particularly useful when moving or relocating the bidet to another bathroom. During your search, considering a model compatible with hot water connection is therefore a wise choice to prepare for any future changes.


Some bidets have buttons that twist or push, while others have a lever that lifts to activate the water, and others look like a motorcycle handlebar. Controls should be intuitive and easily accessible. Choose according to your comfort and needs.

Note that bidets with a lever to activate the water may be easier to manipulate, especially if you suffer from arthritis, as they require a little less force than button models. However, these same bidets have caused water damage to families with cats. If you have a pet, it is preferable to choose a model with buttons that cannot be easily hooked.


The thickness of the bidet can influence aesthetics but also comfort of use. A model that is too thick can interfere with the seat's support on the toilet bowl and leave a slight gap to be filled between the two. A thinner model tends to be a bit more discreet and does not obstruct the seat; however, bidets marketed as very thin pose another problem: they are more fragile, and the water passage through the bidet is finer, resulting in a less pleasant jet (laser-like feeling) that pinches more.


Mechanical bidets continue to evolve, now offering features that further enhance the user experience. Among the most interesting innovations are 1) the nozzle AND nozzle cover cleaning for more thorough self-cleaning and 2) bidets with rivets that make it easy to lift the bidet for easier cleaning of your toilet and the bidet.


Choosing a bidet goes beyond functions: the appearance, brand choice, and after-sales service are also crucial when researching.


The appearance of the bidet is often secondary to its features, but it can be an important factor to consider. A design that harmonizes well with your bathroom can improve your experience with the bidet.


All bidets are manufactured in China. However, the brand that offers them may be located in North America, or even in Canada to favor a more local purchase. Beware of Chinese brands on Amazon; some models may be of lower quality or less compatible with North American toilets. Search the brand online to learn about their origin and the other types of products they offer. See if you can buy the bidet through their website instead of Amazon.

Choosing a reputable brand, in operation for a long time and knowledgeable about the different bidet models, undoubtedly provides greater assurance of the offer's quality.


Good after-sales service can make all the difference, especially if you encounter problems with your bidet. Make sure the seller offers a warranty and responsive customer support.

Also, if you want a Canadian customer service, it's better to look at Canadian brands. In this regard, only Boaty offers it, as all bidet brands sold in North America come from either the United States, Japan, or China.


By following this guide, you should be able to find a bidet that not only meets your hygiene needs but also all the criteria that are most important to you.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us because over the past few years - and after trying nearly twenty models - we have developed expertise in the field!

With that said, happy researching!

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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