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3.7 planets Season 2: Our opinion

3.7 planets Season 2: Our opinion

**Please note that this text has been automatically translated and contains French/Quebec references.**

Season two of François Bellefeuille's podcast is online!!!

I really enjoyed listening to the first season. I found it already excellent, relevant and necessary that someone who is close to the people takes the trouble to address a host of environmental subjects. Clearly, I didn't want it to end there and I obviously wasn't the only one.

So season 2 is out:

Podcast 3.7 planets

Recorded half before COVID and half during (my ratio is very rough), the podcast now aims to simply talk about various environmental topics rather than making it a quest for the perfect comedy number (given that this aspect is made a little less easy to test in public).

After the 10 episodes that filled season 1, season 2 was launched with only 4 episodes. Tsé, question of leaving us hungry!

In 4 random sentences, here is what we can learn in the episodes:

  • François has plenty of soft laundry! (like the rest of us)
  • No, Renaissance does not wash the clothes given to them.
  • It's smart to create a naturist center in the hottest city in Quebec.
  • “I will never have more than one car” – says the guy who has three tanks.

Otherwise, basically, half of the episodes talk about clothes and the other half talk about not having any clothes... or not being dressed enough while cycling on the JC bridge in winter.

Ultimately, it's a laundry show in 4 episodes.

Well, it's not really true, but after listening, I wanted to study my wardrobe!


How many clothes do you have in your wardrobe?

If we quickly classify them, there are bobettes, stockings, bras for them... there are pajamas, sportswear, summer clothes that you can't wear in winter (shorts) …

But let's say that we don't count those to focus on the real everyday pieces, that we wear when we leave the house.

So here, let's say that we count soft laundry, clean clothes for work, uniforms, evening wear or clothes that we keep if we paint or do a dirty hobby...

Although the pandemic has changed our everyday clothing style, certain pieces should still be kept for the “return to normal”.

So how many pieces does that make in total?


I did the exercise myself.

I counted this morning and I had a total of a hundred items of clothing!!

I say “I had”, because while I was there counting them, I decided to get rid of at least forty of them straight away that I no longer wore. So I narrowed it down to about 55 items of clothing.

I made my boyfriend do the exercise. He had around 70 and got rid of several too to get it down to ~55.

This 55 was not calculated to arrive equal...! It's probably just our washing frequency that gets to that number for us. We put quite a few all 55. Perhaps an exercise could be done to reduce further, in order to keep the ones we really prefer? Already, we are going to test this 55 for a while, to see.

I had Alexandra (who works for Bateau Bateau) do the exercise. She had already sorted things out not long ago. It's 45 songs long and out of all, it mostly carries 25 of them.

So seeing that, maybe I'll be able to say the same in a few months?!


François Bellefeuille aims to make us think through his podcast.

I hope he is proud to see that people are taking concrete actions in their daily lives, following their listening. We also had concrete proof with the bidet in the 3rd episode of this 2nd season.

I am also proof of this, for this laundry task that I wanted to do for so long, that I always put off and that I finally did this morning!

Thank you François! I'm already looking forward to ALL your next episodes!

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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