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3.7 planets

3.7 planets

**Please note that this text has been automatically translated and contains French/Quebec references.**

- September 1, 2020 -

3.7 planets: This is the number of Earth planets we would need if all humans acted like François Bellefeuille. It is also the name of his podcast, available on Ohdio/ Ici Première (click to access it).

It's a podcast in 11 episodes (but let's say 9, because the last two are like extras) where we follow the quest of comedian François Bellefeuille in writing a comedy act that talks about the environment. So for a few months, we accompany him in his questions, his research, his discoveries and his revelations.

And I'm talking to you about this podcast today (even though it's 10 months old), because it's an excellent introduction to the environmental subject. So if you haven't listened to it yet, now is the time! Especially since they are light, easy to listen to and funny audio episodes. This resonates with both people who wonder about the ecological subject and people who like humor or François Bellefeuille. So it brings together a lot of people! Which is great, because it needs to be talked about. This is the reason for this blog and it is the reason which pushed François Bellefeuille to put together an issue on the environment.

In his podcast, he talks to us about his creative process and everything is done in stages, slowly, so as not to rush anyone.

So we start by visiting a sorting center with him and taking part in his big climate marches.

He also talks about natural disasters and the precarious situation of his home in the Magdalen Islands due to climate change.

Then, he ends by exploring zero waste solutions, such as the net spray or the bidet:

When François Bellefeuille installs a bidet, can you say that it is made accessible to everyone to say goodbye to toilet paper? (Yes yes, I said it right: say GOODBYE to toilet paper. I swear that when you have a bidet, wiping yourself with toilet paper is hell! Try getting out of the shower all wet and wipe yourself with toilet paper, you will understand what I mean).

But anyway, it's not about the bidet that I want to talk to you about today because I don't want to scare you by leaving (I'll talk about it in another article, huhu), but about the fact that it's really a super good podcast that I highly recommend you listen to if you haven't already! And if it's already done, I would really like to know your favorite episode or your favorite part!

For my part, I learned that you have to wedge the lids of cans in their cans before sending them for recycling. I also noticed that Bellefeuille is a perfect name in context. Ultimately, I can hardly say which is my favorite episode because I loved every one of them! They all bring something inspiring and different. In fact, I would take more.

After listening to this podcast, I realize that it's not easy to make people laugh when we talk about climate change, but when we have a determined François Bellefeuille who takes on the task of making it happen, It's beautiful to see, but above all, it fills me with hope. It's not just a professional quest to write a comedy routine; it is a life quest that he has undertaken! And that’s what’s interesting to follow. So I say YES to a sequel. In my opinion, a comedy act may not be able to change mentalities, but the podcast really has a chance of doing so. And more podcast episodes = more opportunities to think. And if he wants to make it a quest to write a complete show, I say YES to that project too! In fact, as long as the podcast continues and we can find out what happens next...!

I don't know about you, but I would like to know what setup he has had in his bathroom since then? How does he live his vegetarianism or if he has reduced his meat consumption? What would he think of my tissues? (I really need to suggest that he try them! That too would revolutionize his life.) In short, I would like to hear him on a host of subjects related to the environment. Quite simply because I like his approach and I like the idea that he starts from afar like the majority of the world (well, 3.7 planets is still a lot of planets).

Although since 3.7 planets, it has perhaps reached 2.9? That too would be important to know! To see that in less than a year, we are able to reduce our impact with a few easy actions and that anyone is capable of doing it. Well, it's certain that it's easy not to take your tank so as not to do shows in the middle of a pandemic... 2020 will be good based on the test results! (Thanks pandemic I guess?) But pandemic or not, better outcome or not, he has the chance to be able to speak in a comical way on the subject and have people listen to him; I will continue on this path! Because voices like that have more weight than we think.

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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