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Bidets: Brondell vs Luxe

Bidets: Brondell vs Luxe

I'm doing a complete review and talking to you in detail about the models of toilet bidets that I tested from the LUXE and Brondell brands.

On the LUXE side, I tested the LUXE NEO 120, LUXE NEO 185, LUXE NEO 180 and the LUXE NEO 320*.

On the Brondell side, I tested the PureSpa 65, the PureSpa 75*, the SimpleSpa Thinline 150, the SimpleSpa Thinline 250.

I also tested the LUXE shower bidet (the LUXE 95) and the GoSpa portable bidets from Brondell and LUXE 10.

Note that I personally tested cold water bidets, because I cannot install a hot water bidet in my home: I only have one toilet and it is very, very far from my sink. Alexandra tested the hot water bidets, marked with a star in the list.

I'll let you know what I thought of each of them, but first, here's how the installation went.


Everything is included in the box! So normally, we have everything we need to install the bidet in the toilet.

I filmed my installations and highlighted them on Instagram:

You can watch the whole thing here .

Install the LUXE NEO

Installing the LUXE bidets was a charm! LUXE bidet provides wrenches to help us with installation and a metal and plastic T (EDIT: this is no longer the case in 2022. LUXE only provides a metal T). My tip for my tank being plastic, I took the plastic T. The pipes were screwed together in less than 5 minutes! The longest part in my case the first time was figuring out how to uninstall and reinstall the toilet seat to secure the bidet underneath. Once I figured that out, it turned out to be easier the next few times; So it takes about 10 minutes to install.

Regarding the installation of hot water for Alexandra, she had a washer problem, so while waiting to connect the hot water, she only used cold water on her bidet. She had time to realize that cold water wasn't so bad, and even waited several weeks before finally installing hot water! To realize… that she preferred cold water 😂.

Install the Brondells

Installing the PureSpa was a little less obvious for me. The washer in the metal T was problematic and I had trouble screwing it to the water inlet of my tank; it was screwing in butter . However, my shower bidet (the one I had before doing my toilet bidet tests) had a really similar metal T! So I went to look at the pipes of my bidet shower, and I stole its washer (its seal, which you put in the T). It was thinner than the one that came with the Brondell and there it worked. I did the same for the SimpleSpa Thinline (used my good washer).


Both were still easy to install. The only thing is that I found that the hose that goes from the T to the bidet is rather short for the Luxe. It arrived just in time to plug in! Clearly, when I installed the Brondells later, I found that their pipes were longer, I had more play.


All the bidets I've tested have a guard to prevent peeing on the nozzle and they all have the "self-cleaning" option which flushes the nozzle with a large stream. In English : Nozzle cleaning .

So the nozzle goes down when you activate the bidet and the jet is then activated. Otherwise, the nozzle remains hidden behind the guard.


The Brondell PureSpa is the only one that cleans the entire guard (because the jet is in front of the guard). While for the others, the jet is behind the guard. What does it do? It's just that if the guard is dirty, the Nozzle cleaning NEO 120 / 185-180 or SimpleSpa will not clean the guard of their pee drops.



The NEO 120 is a bidet with a fixed single jet, in the sense that it sends water to only one place: in the behind.

Maybe I'm a little sensitive behind, but I found the jet to be very powerful! This may be due to the fact that my water pressure is at max in our house... and this is the first bidet I have tested in my life.

The NEO 120 has a button with 5 intensity points, and I had difficulty setting it to 1. My boyfriend didn't really notice that it was too strong and he didn't really see a difference between 3 & 5.

I also found that a fixed jet is a bit flat. If I want to rinse my front, I have to move my pelvis. It's possible, but not optimal compared to the other bidets that I subsequently tested.


The NEO 185 is a bidet with two fixed jets: one which sends water to the back, and one which sends water to the front (“Feminine wash” they call it, absolutely too gendered).

It's the same button as the 120 (in 5 intensity points) and once again, I had difficulty setting the rear jet to 1. The front jet was more viable, less intense. So in fact, I always activated the front jet and I moved my pelvis so that it was the one watering my behind.


The NEO 180 is exactly the same as the 185 with the only difference that it is a lever that you raise to activate the jet and adjust the water pressure instead of a 5-point knob that you turn. Really, it makes all the difference!

I no longer feel “pocket” in relation to my bidet because I have difficulty getting to point 1! I do not see him anymore! I pull the lever gently and it creates the pressure I want, without knowing what “level” I am at. Really cool.


The NEO 320 is exactly the same as the 180 (lever, two nozzles, etc.) with the only difference that you can pump hot water. I said “we can”. Which means that it is possible to use cold water only and use hot water later (when it's ready or just if you feel like it). This makes a more versatile bidet, but it is a little more expensive.



After experiencing the 2 jets, I came back to 1! But this one was moving. In fact, the Brondell PureSpa has a jet that is positioned forwards or backwards.

Once again, the jet from behind was too strong for me (definitely, I should have adjusted my water pressure before my tests), but the jet, once directed towards the front, was interesting. It's the one I used all the time and I moved my pelvis to manage to water my behind with it.

It must be said that the flat issue with the single jet is that you have to adjust it forwards or backwards BEFORE sitting down! Well, ideally, otherwise you have to maneuver it while you're seated and it's a little more complex. So, a bit like the toilet seat, it could create arguments if there is an agreement on the positioning and it is not adjusted correctly when you use it!


The Brondell PureSpa did the job , but we still changed it to test the SimpleSpa Thinline. I always add Thinline after its name because that's the best way to relate to what it is: an ultra-thin bidet in every way!

LUXE bidet says, in its sales arguments, that the thickness of a bidet determines its quality, because then it contains thicker pipes and therefore more solid and durable. That being said, “that's what they say”… Afterwards, the Thinline is incredibly cute and sleek in its look, and at a more attractive price than all the others. It also seems well built despite everything.

Its advantage, in addition to its price, really comes from its finesse. I had gotten used to the small gap that earlier bidets did because they raise the toilet seat a bit. Well, this is the first time that I didn't notice gap ! The fact that he is very thin means that he keeps the seat upright.

However, because of its finesse, it seems more fragile compared to the others, its jet is ultra fine (a little too fine) and we found the knob a little less fun to turn to adjust the water pressure.

It's a bidet with a fixed single jet, like the NEO 120. So you have to move your pelvis if you want the jet to move forward.


THE SimpleSpa Thinline 250 has the same look & finesse as the 150, but it comes with two nozzles instead of one. A really fun addition. You can turn the knob on one side to have the rear jet or the other to have the front jet. On the other hand, the jets are still just as fine!

In this case, there is no Nozzle Cleaning function, with water flowing over the nozzles to rinse them. We can't have everything it seems!


All shower bidets are the same. For a long time I had a "no name" from Amazon that was given to me as a gift, and it did the job. When I tested the LUXE 95, I didn't really see any difference with my old one.

The bidet spray attaches to the toilet tank. It's quite practical when you can't remove your toilet seat or you have a toilet that is not compatible with the bidet.

The advantage that we often find with the shower at the plumbing level is that we can turn off the water at the level of the T that we install. If we go on vacation, we can have more peace of mind. Also, it allows us to adjust the water pressure. The LUXE 95 has no worse good pressure!! When you activate it by pressing the lever at head level, it comes out! So if you want to rinse a menstrual cup and you have a lot of water pressure at home, it will splash everywhere. In which case you can turn off the water slightly at the level of the T and you thus have a shower with a very small, gentle jet and more control at the level of the head lever. Perfect for rinsing things in the toilet or rinsing your front.


The GoSpa comes in two pieces: a bottle and a stem that has a beveled tip with holes. We fill the bottle with water and screw on the stem. When the bottle is empty, the stem can be put back into the bottle upside down, for something more subtle when used in public toilets. The tip has a bevel, which means that we can put the bottle and its stem straight and the water will go up towards our anus.

The format is interesting, the jet is effective and the bottle contains enough water to rinse thoroughly.


The LUXE 10 is a taller dark blue bottle than the GoSpa. Its stem is really longer too, with the difference that the stem enters the bottle via its cap. We thus have a portable bidet that is a little more chic and even more subtle than the GoSpa.

To fill it, unscrew the top that comes with the stem. When you pull the stem, there is a rubber seal that prevents water from leaking out the top of the cap once you turn the bottle upside down.

The tip is different from GoSpa; he is not beveled (it has no angle), which means that we have to orient ourselves the rod towards our anus. As it is quite long, it is not too complicated. On the other hand, you have to look carefully at where the small holes are on the stem to send the water to the right place.


Before I conclude on all this, let me tell you about everyone's jets!

Well, here I'm going to get into very abstract allusions and I apologize in advance for the English terms, but I'm going to try to make this clear all the same.

  • The Neo 120's jet is very "straight forward", directed and stiff.
  • Ditto for the rear jet of the Neo 180-185.
  • The front jet of the Neo 180-185 is quite perfect, like a small hose, but you have to close your legs.
  • The PureSpa jet is very "floppy", diffuse, splashing, like a llama spitting (at the same time, I have never been spit on by a llama, it's just a hypothesis).
  • The SimpleSpa Thinline jet is very thin and fine, like a water laser.
  • The spray bidet spray is really like a small hand shower. So you really have to direct it in the right place so that it cleans well. Also, you can regulate the force of the jet at the level of the T and at the level of the head of the shower (the more you weigh, the stronger it will be).
  • The spray of the Brondell portable bidet is perfect and adjusts according to the pressure you put on the bottle.
  • The jet of the LUXE portable bidet is just as interesting but you have to align it correctly so that the water goes to the right place.


Brondell SimpleSpa VS PureSpa

Between the slim and thin SimpleSpa and the big and massive PureSpa, it's all a question of budget! The SimpleSpa, for its price, really does a good job for a first bidet. Its design is cool and it does not create a gap between the seat and the toilet bowl.

After testing the PureSpa, me and my boyfriend came to the conclusion that the SimpleSpa was a little less pleasant, its jet being too fine for us. But I think that if you haven't had a bidet before, it's great!

The nozzle of the SimpleSpa 150 cannot be adjusted, it is fixed, but that of the PureSpa must be moved before you sit down. So it doesn't change much, in both cases, I moved to direct the jet where I wanted. Compared to the SimpleSpa 250 vs 150, the 250 is more interesting in my opinion because it has two nozzles, even if it does not have the nozzle cleaning function.

Brondell PureSpa VS LUXE NEO 120

I found the Brondell PureSpa and LUXE NEO 120 to be quite similar. If you have a budget of max $65.99, these are two great options for you!
The LUXE NEO was easier to install than the Brondell, but that probably depends on the setup of each one. The Brondell has an adjustable spray pattern instead of a fixed one, which could tip the scales. The design, however, could be another factor that would make you prefer the LUXE one: it is a little more elegant than the massive block of the Brondell. Note that the LUXE comes with instructions in English only, while the Brondell has bilingual instructions.
So in short, it's up to you to see which points are important to you, because for me, they are equal.

LUXE NEO 180 vs LUXE NEO 185

They are identical but at the same time so different because of the lever VS button that turns. So between the LUXE NEO 180 and 185, the choice is easy, the 180 is clearly cooler and more intuitive with its lifting lever!


After testing all the cold water bidets, I had to choose which one to keep on my toilet!

I chose the LUXE NEO 180.

I loved the luxury of the double jet. It's worth the extra cost for the extra jet! This way, I can choose between cleaning the back and cleaning the front, with a simple button, without moving from my seat. My boyfriend can have the jet he wants too, without moving the nozzle.

And you, which one catches your eye?
To view our bidets in the store, click here .

By M.eve

I enjoy questioning and informing myself, and write! It's through this blog that I take the time to speak to you transparently about my business or share what I learn or observe regarding environmental topics that concern us all.


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