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Handkerchiefs that look like tissues

Be cooler than your grandpa

Why are our hankies so nice?

The four ultimate reasons that will blow your mind

For a smooth,
cocooning vibe.
Made using the softest fabric on the planet. Perfectly thin, effectively thick.


Wash & reuse.
Aka what the zero waste lifestyle is all about - so just go for it, for Earth's sake!


You have plenty of
clean ones to use.

Please don't put them up your sleeve! Blow your nose once, then put them in the wash.


Be stealthy
in public.
You feel judged using handkerchiefs? Ours look like disposable tissues; no one will know.

Now what?

Why not get our hankies in a beautiful & user-friendly kit?

The Boaty hankit.

A new take on the tissue box

Just take a tissue when you need it, as you would normally do.

A mini laundry basket where you need it!

You don't have to go to your washing machine every time you blow your nose. 

Instead, you can sit back and relax knowing that all you have to do is put your used tissue in the basket right next to your box.

When it's time to wash, turn over the basket in the washer and let the machine do its job. At the end, you'll get squeaky clean hankies ready to reuse.

If you are bothered:

🤧 that your nose and upper lip get really irritated when you blow your nose with disposable tissues.

🤯 that your children waste 8 tissues on just a little leakage.

😱 to find a million paper crumbs throughout your washer because you forgot a tissue in your pocket.

🤭 that your tissue papers stick to you and break apart when you wipe yourself off after a little intimacy.

😑 by dust from tissue papers, especially when you’re cleaning your glasses.

😓 by constantly having to buy boxes of tissues.

🥺 by always having to throw away tons of tissues.

😭 about the idea that trees must be cut down to create your tissue, only to be thrown away after a single use.

Then, you are ready to try our tissues.

"I’m sick of all of that; I want better tissues!"

On the go

It's a fact: Your nose runs, no matter where you are.
Even if the timing is bad (your nose doesn't really care about your pride).

We've got you covered!
Have your soft tissues with you wherever you go, in a clever pouch:

The Boaty double pouch.

  • Take a clean tissue

    Just take one from the opening,
    and do your thing...

  • Put your used tissue below

    That space is waterproof, so don't worry about spreading mucus. Snap and go!

  • That's it

    Put it back in your pocket, handbag, backpack and continue living your life.

You like the idea?

"Yes! It's so clever! I want one!"

Our hankies are known to change lives!

A game changer!! So soft. So much closer to being zero waste.

These tissues are SO soft! They are softer than the softest tissue papers you can buy. I don't think you could hurt your nose with them even if you tried.

One of my favorite sustainable purchases so far. I was hesitant to make the swap to handkerchiefs, but this product has made it so easy.

Love these! I used to go through a lot of facial tissues due to allergies and I felt bad about all the waste. These reusable tissues are perfect. They're soft and thin, and they don't bunch up or become deformed in the washer/dryer.

The tissues are very well made and so soft! I love that this comes with a matching bin to put your dirty tissues in until it’s time to wash. Highly recommended!

The pouch has a great format that keeps the reusable tissues handy when you're out and about. You won't confuse the clean and dirty compartments because they are designed very differently.